Research Designs: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches

This workshop offers a comprehensive overview of qualitative and quantitative research designs for humanities and social sciences. Characteristics and objectives of the respective designs will be highlighted, strongly related to the participants‘ research questions.

Course description

Choosing a research design is one of the most fundamental- and thus, difficult – aspects at the outset of a research project. The workshop gives an opportunity to refresh as well as to widen your knowledge about research designs, so that a well-grounded decision can be made.

A detailed review of each participants‘ research question will provide the foundation for the discussion of adequate design options and their consequences for the research project. Which aspects of the research question would be emphasized? Does a choice for a specific research design alter the research question itself? Is it possible or necessary to combine research designs?

In order to accomplish this goal, the workshop provides a short introduction to quantitative as well as qualitative research designs and their respective strength and shortcomings regarding prevalent research goals. Designs discussed will include

  • survey methods and measurement models
  • interview studies and document analysis
  • experimental and ex-post-facto designs
  • cross-sectional and longitudinal designs
  • reconstructive methods and Grounded Theory

Target Audience

The workshop is aimed at doctoral researchers with first experience in the application of different research designs who would like to develop their research project on a well-funded basis. Also, researchers with an all-quantitative eduction who consider to make use of qualitative designs are as welcome as researchers with an all-qualitative education who might consider quantitative designs.

Workshop goals:

  • Getting to know quantitative and qualitative research designs
  • Understanding the objectives and characteristics of the respective research logics
  • Opportunity to reflect and exchange ideas about your own research project


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RUB Research School


Yvonne Kohlbrunn , Sebastian Gerhartz


  • Mittwoch, 27.10.2021
    10:00 bis 17:00 Uhr


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