Introduction to Qualitative Research

This workshop provides an introduction to Qualitative Research Methods. The application possibilities of qualitative research methods will be discussed and essential data collection and analysis procedures will be presented. In a practical a follow-up meeting two weeks later you can work on your individual questions on methods.

Course Description

Qualitative research methods are diverse in methodology and approach. Depending on the research interest, there are various alternatives to answer a research question in the best possible way.

In the first part, the workshop presents two data collections methods, namely interview research and ethnographic observation. The second part of the workshop is dedicated to analysis procedures and their objectives. So, a short insight into coded and sequential analytic procedures will be given.

Workshop goals:

  • to teach the basics and objectives of Qualitative Research
  • two qualitative Data Collection Methods
  • two qualitative Data Analysis Procedures
  • discussion and reflection on participants research projects

After two weeks to apply the techniques to your own data, a follow-up meeting of the workshop will give us the opportunity to discuss all questions and obstacles that come along with your own research applications. Here, we’ll also have time to talk about more „specialised“ topics you might need to address your individual research questions.

Target Audience

The workshop is primarily aimed at doctoral researchers in the humanities and social sciences who plan to do qualitative research and would like to get an overview of the possibilities of data collection and analysis. Prior knowledge of qualitative methods, while beneficial, is not essential.


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RUB Research School


Yvonne Kohlbrunn


  • Mittwoch, 03.11.2021
    10:00 bis 17:00 Uhr

  • Mittwoch, 17.11.2021
    14:00 bis 17:00 Uhr


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