Crash Course Fieldwork

Due to the unpredictable and ‘messy’ reality of research fields, it frequently happens that your well-planned research agenda does not come even close to realization. This course offers a "hands-on" introduction to the practicalities of fieldwork; to all that, which you rarely find in methods books, but which however is central for your fieldwork to be efficient and to succeed. Regardless if you are an economist, a biologist or from any other discipline. It teaches you to understand and handle data in context.

We will discuss and train relevant techniques, about gaining and negotiating field access, about how to transform data-in-the-field to research data, about how to deal with the unforeseeable realities of fieldwork, about when and how to document your data collection, about different ways of interacting with and positioning oneself vis a vis interlocutors, or about how to make sense of the gathered data after the visit.

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Markus Rudolfi , Chair of Cultural Psychology and Anthropology of Knowledge RUB


  • Montag, 21.10.2019
    09:00 bis 17:00 Uhr

  • Dienstag, 22.10.2019
    09:00 bis 17:00 Uhr